Subaru Head Gasket Change.

Like I have posted, and will continue to do so as time and information allows is that it seems that Subaru has finally gone to a MLS Head gasket for the 2010 Outback. above are the differences between a semi closed and open deck block, and while I wont know until we take one apart, it appears […]

Subaru Repair Seattle: Timing Belt Idlers Explained

This comes up a lot both for our Local customers, and we get a lot of questions about this from afar. The old saying a picture is worth a thousand words, I think a video with a little sound is worth many more.  I did make a mistake about the green aftermarket idlers we see […]

Subaru Repair Seattle: Brake Caliper Woes!

When we do Brakes on Your Subaru, we do them right, the way Subaru intended and always avoid the problems in this video. Above is just a quick video I shot this weekend, about some  of our local customers finding us after they have had brakes done at a tire store, with less than satisfactory […]