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Subaru Repair Seattle: Understanding the Difference between a Recall and a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin)

The word recall has been mentioned quite a bit in the media lately.  I thought it would be a good time to try and explain the difference between a Technical Service Bulletin or (TSB) and a Recall. In the link provided below you will see a typical document provided to all franchised Subaru dealers by […]

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Independent Seattle Subaru Service

Services We Provide Oil Changes Subaru Scheduled Maintenance, AKA 30/60/90k Service Subaru Head Gasket Repair Check Engine light Diagnoses & Repair Clutch Service Turbo Replacement Timing Belt Service Cv Axle & Boot Service ABS Light Diagnoses & Repair Air Bag Light Diagnoses & Repair Suspension System Service & Repair Power Steering Fluid Flush Light Bulb […]

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Subaru Eyesight

Subaru Service Seattle; Subaru Eyesight® Equipped Vehicles & Rock Chip Repairs

  As with any new technology there will always be things that are not known by many until stumbled upon on accident.  Such is the case with repairing rock chips on newer Subaru models equipped with Subaru’s new feature Eyesight ®.  This is not the entire windshield mind you, but just a portion of the […]

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