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Key less Entry & Your Subaru

  You may have a key, you may even use it to open the car door, or you could use a key fob or remote to open the door and disarm the security system if equipped.  A new car will perform this function flawlessly 99% of the time with 1% falling into a warranty concern. Over time the simple use of the key fob will drain the battery and at

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Subaru Battery

Summer Subaru Battery Help

  Now that we are in the middle of summer and the temperatures have been steadily high, it’s a good time to point out that your Subaru’s battery really takes a beating during the summer months; the effects of this are not always immediately apparent and in fact may not show up until the following winter. One of the situations that can happen is that some of the fluid in

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Six Star Subaru Head Gasket

Six Star Subaru Head Gasket Kits

A little about the Six Star Head Gaskets for your Subaru  If you want to replace your Head gaskets once and once only the Six Star Head Gasket is the one for you! The SIX STAR MLS “STOPPER” HEAD GASKET for Subaru is ideal for both aluminum heads and aluminum blocks. A better alternative compared to other gaskets made of bonded materials that fail prematurely due to load and heat

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Subaru Head Gasket Repair

  Today at the Shop We are replacing head gaskets on a Subaru Impreza that had recently been repaired at a local Subaru Dealership not that long ago, the customer in fact paid full price for the repair at the Dealership receiving no participation from Subaru due to the mileage, and the year of the Subaru. The repair was short lived due to the nature of how the repair was

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Subaru 3.6r Oil Level Sensor

Subaru Low Oil Level Light

The current model Subaru Outback  with the 3.6l H6 incorporates something Subaru has never done and that’s a low oil level sensor and warning indicator (yellow in color).  This is not to be confused with the low oil pressure light (red) that has existed on all EJ platform Subaru Vehicles. The current production  Subaru 2.5l NA 4 cylinder models are required to use full synthetic oil, the current production Subaru

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Subaru 2.5l Phase Two Head Gasket

Subaru Head Gaskets Problems Explained Part II

  Subaru Head Gaskets Explained part II In this article I am going to cover the current trends with the Subaru Head gasket problem focusing only on the phase 2 2.5l SOHC from 1999 to 2011 in the  Forester and 2000 to 2009 in the Legacy, Outback and Impreza with an emphasis on the 2005 and newer models.  This article is going to be fairly long as there really is

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Should Subaru Develop a Diesel Vehicle for the US?

  Should Subaru Develop a Diesel Vehicle for the US? I seem to get a quite a few questions about whether or not there will ever be a Boxer diesel imported into the U.S. by Subaru?  The answer is no one really knows for sure and that includes Subaru, they did initially plan on doing so but the market place changed in a few different ways in 2011 with those

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Subaru Piston Slap

  If you have owned a Subaru for any length of time you may have heard the term “Piston Slap”. In the video below I try to demonstrate what piston slap is and what causes it as well as the compression rings and oil control rings on a Subaru piston.   I want to stress that piston slap can be inherent in many other makes and models but because Subaru does

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Subaru Forester Seat Belt Recall

  Here is some basic information in regards to the  Subaru Forester Seat Belt Recall, this affects the current era Forester. Its a big one affecting a lot of cars, so it would be good to get in line. Subaru is issuing a recall for 275,000 Foresters today, built between November 26, 2007 and March 13,2012. NHTSA cites a fault in the automatic locking retractor in the rear center seat

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Subaru Timing Belt Tensioner

Subaru Timing Belt Tensioner Failure

  Below are a couple of pictures of a failed Timing belt idler we recently replaced, because it came out of a Subaru with a manual transmission there is a belt guide just above the crankshaft sprocket that prevented the belt from coming off, so this driver was very lucky, had it been an automatic model the belt would have come off causing valve damage.  I will add that we do still see Subaru

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