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Failed Subaru Radiator cap

Subaru Service Seattle: Check Your Radiator Cap!

Pictured below is a radiator cap that created a caused the cooling system in a second generation Outback to no longer function as designed.  This is a commonly overlooked cooling system component and should be inspected at a minimum of every year. If you look at the seal on the cap pictured to the left you can see where it has grown in size from new. One challenge is, the waiting oil change  does

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Subaru Fuel Economy Concerns during the winter

Subaru Fuel Economy Concerns during the winter. I started writing articles pertaining to Subaru repair for the website in 2007, some of the older articles get lost, I just dug this one out of the archives and added a few items to try and help explain the common questions we are asked right now about low fuel economy now that the weather has changed. Ive tried as usual to keep

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Auto Sock For Subaru

Traction Device Alternative For Subaru?

  A common Question that comes up is with the inability to use tires chains on the modern Subaru vehicles, and the signs posted on mountain passes that state Traction tires required, or Chains Required   Auto Sock has been given the green light to be used in Washington State and the State of Colorado as an alternative to tire chains. Here is a link to shop for Autosocks We

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Subaru FAQ # 10, I just bought my Subaru, What can I do to get a little more power?

  Q. I just bought my Subaru , What can I do to get a little more power? A. Depending on which model you have purchased the answer is going to be quite different.  If you purchased a turbo model Subaru the possibilities are almost limitless more than I could ever write about most likely .  If instead your new Subaru is an N/A ( Naturally Aspirated) model, your choices are quite

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Subaru FAQ # 9 Q. How often should I rotate the tires on my Subaru?

Q. How often should I rotate the tires on my Subaru? A. We used to suggest every other oil change, but with the oil change intervals being pushed further and further out by Subaru its become part of an oil change to rotate the tires on the current Subaru Models. The newer Subaru AWD vehicles with the more balanced torque split (power distribution front VS Rear) typically require less tire

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Subaru FAQ # 8 Q. Can I put Snow Tire Chains on My Subaru?

Q. Can I put Snow Tire Chains on My Subaru? A. You need to consult your owners manual for specific information about the model and year Subaru you currently own. Many modern vehicles, Subaru’s included just don’t have enough clearance to accommodate tire chains. There are companies that provide tire chains in the aftermarket such as Thule that have a low profile design, but even then I have never seen

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Subaru FAQ # 6 The Subaru Dealer just reflashed my Subaru and now it stalls, what’s going on? WVU-31

  The Subaru Dealer just reflashed my Subaru per WVU-31 and now it stalls, what’s going on? A. On 2005 and newer models care must be taken  when reflashing the engine control module or disconnecting the battery for any reason.  The most critical part of this is turning the key to the on position prior to starting the vehicle and waiting for the systems to “settle a bit” before starting.

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Subaru Tire Pressure Light

Subaru FAQ # 5, My Tire pressure light came on, but when I check the tire pressure they are all ok, what’s going on?

  A. There is some sort of a malfunction the the tire pressure monitoring system that needs to be evaluated, the most common thing we see currently is the batteries in the Sensors failing right around the 5 year mark. The light is just an irritant and as long as the tire pressure is ok, you should be fine to drive it until you can get your Subaru in.

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