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Subaru Service Seattle: Winterize Your Subaru

Now is the time, not the day of, or the day before your next trip up the mountains or over the hill and through the woods to Grandmothers house, or the day after your news station is predicting a huge storm event, to make sure your Suby is ready for the worst Mother Nature can throw at it. Here are some items that should be serviced, or inspected, as well

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Subaru check engine light scan tool link

Subaru Service Seattle: Subaru Ownership Tip

We receive a lot of questions about the check engine light coming on both from local customers and from Subaru owners across the country.  The one thing I constantly find myself try to convey is that with out knowing what code is set there is not much that can be done.  The light is merely an indication  that the Engine Management Computer has set a code and needs to be

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Subaru Service Seattle; Have Your Subaru Inspected Before The Warranty Expires!

  Having your car inspected prior to the warranty expiring is a very important and often overlooked step on the way to obtaining real value for your Subaru purchasing dollar. Let’s face it new Subaru’s are pretty expensive these days and are often financed for 7 years or longer. The last thing you want to have deal with when your warranty expires is an expensive repair. A thorough inspection can

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Subaru Transmission Repair

Subaru Repair Seattle; Transmission housing repair kit

  Although it’s not all that common for the input shaft, sometimes referred to as the snout or quill pictured below to become worn, when it does it can be expensive to the uninformed.   What we have observed is this type of repair is on the rise, and whether that’s from inferior repairs such as not enough lubrication applied to the input housing and throw out bearing during the

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Subaru Brake Line Recall

  Here is some information about the latest in a series of  Recalls from Subaru.   DETROIT — Subaru of America is recalling about 200,000 Legacy and Outback sedans and wagons from model years 2005-2009 to check for corroded brake lines. Subaru, a division of Japan’s Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd, said the vehicles were sold in 20 “salt belt” states, mainly in the Northeast and Midwest, and most were built

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Dont Drip & Drive Subaru!

Subaru Service Seattle: Fix That Leak Campaign!

    The Washington State Department of ecology has decided to get serious about educating drivers about how their car could be affecting the environment.   The DOE (Department of Ecology) has turned to ASA and its members to help get the word out as well as offer an incentive to repair vehicles that are potentially leaking fluid. Don’t Drip & Drive. Fix That Leak! This April, improve your cars safety and reliability

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Failed Subaru Radiator cap

Subaru Service Seattle: Check Your Radiator Cap!

Pictured below is a radiator cap that created a caused the cooling system in a second generation Outback to no longer function as designed.  This is a commonly overlooked cooling system component and should be inspected at a minimum of every year. If you look at the seal on the cap pictured to the left you can see where it has grown in size from new. One challenge is, the waiting oil change  does

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Subaru Fuel Economy Concerns during the winter

Subaru Fuel Economy Concerns during the winter. I started writing articles pertaining to Subaru repair for the website in 2007, some of the older articles get lost, I just dug this one out of the archives and added a few items to try and help explain the common questions we are asked right now about low fuel economy now that the weather has changed. Ive tried as usual to keep

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Auto Sock For Subaru

Traction Device Alternative For Subaru?

  A common Question that comes up is with the inability to use tires chains on the modern Subaru vehicles, and the signs posted on mountain passes that state Traction tires required, or Chains Required   Auto Sock has been given the green light to be used in Washington State and the State of Colorado as an alternative to tire chains. Here is a link to shop for Autosocks We

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Subaru FAQ # 10, I just bought my Subaru, What can I do to get a little more power?

  Q. I just bought my Subaru , What can I do to get a little more power? A. Depending on which model you have purchased the answer is going to be quite different.  If you purchased a turbo model Subaru the possibilities are almost limitless more than I could ever write about most likely .  If instead your new Subaru is an N/A ( Naturally Aspirated) model, your choices are quite

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