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Subaru Tire Pressure Light

Subaru FAQ # 5, My Tire pressure light came on, but when I check the tire pressure they are all ok, what’s going on?

  A. There is some sort of a malfunction the the tire pressure monitoring system that needs to be evaluated, the most common thing we see currently is the batteries in the Sensors failing right around the 5 year mark. The light is just an irritant and as long as the tire pressure is ok, you should be fine to drive it until you can get your Subaru in.

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Subaru FAQ # 3 My Check Engine Light Came On And Or My Cruise Control Light Is Flashing, Can I Drive My Subaru?

  Q. My check engine light came on and or my Cruise control light is flashing, is My Subaru ok to drive? A. The check engine light can come on for one of many reasons, as such there is really no way to know if its for a loose gas cap or something much more serious without at a minimum a code scan. Starting in 2005 Subaru commanded the Cruise

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Subaru Parking Light Switch

Subaru FAQ # 1, I can’t seem to get my parking lights to shut off, what’s going on?

Q. I can’t seem to get my parking lights to shut off, what’s going on? A. You may have inadvertently bumped the rocker switch located on top of your steering column, which will allow the parking lights to come on even when the key is off. Start with checking the switch, if that does not resolve your issue, send us an email or call us at 425 828 3600.

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Whats Included With Your Subaru Oil Change

    An Oil Change on your Subaru at All Wheel Drive Auto includes. New oil filter New drain plug gasket 5w30 Synthetic blend oil or full synthetic as required or requested We will check and top off the following. Washer Fluid Coolant (including the new Subaru Super Coolant) Transmission and Differential Fluids Brake Fluid Clutch Hydraulic Fluid Power Steering Fluid We will check and correct your tire pressure as

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Subaru Service Seattle

Do I Have to Take My Subaru to a Subaru Dealer?

  If you read enough of the articles on this website and then the question and answer session that follows you will see that the perplexing issue of do I have to take my Subaru to the Dealer as well as “Should I take my Subaru to the Subaru Dealer?” often comes up. I want to address the first part, the factual answer to this question is only for warranty

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Subaru Winterize Tips 2012

  What To Do To Your Subaru Before Winter Arrives! With the Storms on the East coast having crippling effects I thought it important to take a moment and remind my readers how important and often overlooked a little planning can be when it comes to your car.  No one could have fully known the extent to which Sandy would damage infrastructure, but if you plan ahead you will have

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The Best Independent Subaru Repair Shop In The Puget Sound

  Please Vote Us As The Best Independent Subaru Repair & Service Shop In The Puget Sound.  We are competing again this year for  the King 5 Evening Magazines Best Of Western Washington  for 2012.  Your Vote would really mean a lot to us this year.  I have provided a Link Here BEST Repair Thank You! Justin and the Crew

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Failed Aftermarket Subaru Head Gasket

One Reason Why Your Subaru Head Gasket Repair May Not Last?

  One Reason Why Your Subaru Head Gasket Repair May Not Last?   In the Picture below you will see the “Whiz Wheel” marks I often comment about and express opposition to. This is a far cry from a refinishing average of RA 50; this head gasket had no chance of sealing against such a coarse surface and as a result it didn’t.  The Customer had a general repair shop

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