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What is the difference between All-Wheel Drive and 4-Wheel Drive?

What is the difference between 4wd and awd? The Subaru All-Wheel Drive is available in both automatic and standard transmission versions. The Subaru automatic transmission with All-Wheel Drive uses a set of transfer clutches and a solenoid controlled by the transmission control module (TCM) to engage the All-Wheel Drive system. In a Subaru manual transmission […]

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Your Subaru Check Engine Light Explained

The Check Engine Light explained Starting in 1996 all passenger vehicles and light duty trucks produced or imported for sale in the U.S. had to be OBD II compliant (On Board Diagnostics two). As well as meet newer vehicle emissions regulations. Part of this technology involves the check engine light or MIL. (Malfunction Indicator Lamp). […]

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Welcome to the All Wheel Drive Auto Blog!

Welcome to the All-Wheel Drive Auto Blog! Who is All Wheel Drive Auto? All Wheel Drive Auto is an independent Subaru service & repair facility based out of Kirkland Washington. We combine years of dealer experience with a friendly neighborhood shop atmosphere. As an Independent Subaru Specialist, we can save you up to 25% over […]

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