Subaru Head Gasket Repair

Subaru 2.5l Phase Two Head Gasket

Subaru 2.5l Phase Two Head Gasket


Our approach to the Subaru Head Gasket problem.

As you may have heard if you own a pre 2010 Subaru Legacy, Outback or a pre 2011 Subaru Forester with a 2.5l H4 there is a pretty good chance that at some point in time you may be faced with the need to take care of leaking Subaru Head Gaskets.

Here are two posts I have written through the years talking about the issues and guiding Subaru owners across the nation.

Subaru Head Gasket Problems Explained

Subaru Head Gaskets Explained Part II

We are committed to offering a better repair than what the Subaru Dealer can offer. If you take your Subaru to the Dealer for a Head Gasket repair you’re just going to get the same gasket that has already failed you once, installed by someone who doesn’t care.

All Wheel Drive Auto offers something better!

We have been using the Six Star Head Gasket since late 2007, with a much better success rate than the OE Subaru Head gaskets.  We often see Subaru’s repaired at the Subaru Dealer or just a general repair shop leak again after just a year or two. We don’t feel this is a good use of your money, and we can serve you better.

Six Star Subaru Head Gasket

Six Star Subaru Head Gasket


In fact we feel so strongly about the quality of our Subaru Head Gasket Service that we now offer a 2 year 24k limited warranty, that’s double most Subaru Dealers, and for less money and your first follow up Oil Change is on us!

We Can Also Offer 6 Months No Interest Financing to help you better budget for the expense!

Schedule a time below to let All Wheel Drive Auto assess the Head Gaskets on your Subaru.

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