Performance Work

All Wheel Drive Auto is a Rally Armor Dealer

Rally Armor UR Mud Flaps

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We do a lot of performance work at the shop and thought that starting to post some information on some of the things we have been up to lately was a good idea.

When it comes to performing modifications to your Subaru doing it right is the only way to keep it reliable. We have seen a lot of “done by the cheapest bidder” or do it yourself exhaust work cause problems later.

Taking the time to make it right, make modifications professional and reliable rather than questionable.

All Wheel Drive Auto can handle your performance needs from something simple like a short throw shifter to something major like performance engine work.

Check out our request a quote page for a price on your next mod.

Our approach is a bit different in that we try a lot of the modifications out ourselves that way we can be in a better position to know the real difference in power or handling, a fair price to charge for installation and modifications that just don’t make much sense.

The shop owns a fully modified 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX that we will try things out on and then take back off and try something else.    We are currently also working on a WRX 2.0L swap into an RS Coupe as Subaru should have built this car in our opinion.

We rely on friends and family for some of the practical feedback on modifications on othe Subaru models such as the Forester XT and the Legacy GT as well as the STI and newer versions of the WRX.

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