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Subaru Led Option VS Halogen

Subaru Service, Finally a Real Led Headlight Upgrade

Subaru Led Headlight Upgrade One of the things I have really tried to do my entire career is look for solutions when solutions are truly needed.  When I started All Wheel Drive Auto in 2005 that was going to be a main focus, part of that sometimes is also getting information out so I can […]

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Subaru SuperPro Bushing Install

Subaru Service; A Better Bushing for Your Subaru

Up until 2004 Subaru used a pretty archaic suspension system, remaining relatively unchanged since 1989 in the Subaru Legacy.  In the front there is a strut, spring, and lower control arm fitted with a front position bushing, a lower ball joint, and a hydraulically activated rear bushing, which is prone to leaks after mileage and […]

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Chains required

Subaru Ownership Seattle; Subaru Tire Chains and Snow tires Revisited

Most modern Subaru vehicles cannot have tire chains installed. Which creates a lot of confusion when you see signs like these on the road. The hang up always seems to be that you bought your Subaru because it was All Wheel Drive and because it’s All Wheel Drive you never thought you would need to buy […]

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Subaru WRX Cracked Firewall

Subaru Repair Seattle; Subaru WRX Firewall Repair

On some  2008-2010 Subaru Impreza WRX models you may encounter a creaking or popping noise when depressing or releasing the clutch pedal and a lot of times this can become much more pronounced with an aftermarket clutch assembly. There are really two things we see cause this sometimes, the clutch swing pedal assembly can break […]

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