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Announcing Toyota Service at All Wheel Drive Auto

Independent Toyota Service

Announcing Toyota Service and Toyota Repairs at All Wheel Drive Auto in both of our locations Kirkland and Bothell Washington.

For almost two decades All Wheel Drive Auto has been providing Expert Subaru Service & really mostly just Subaru Service & Repairs Since 2020. However, we have found ourselves with a lot more requests to service other makes and this has been especially true in the new Bothell Location.

Why now?  Well, the truth is that for many of our customers we have already been servicing other makes for them.  Its been a common site for the last few years on any given day to see 30 Subaru’s, 3 Toyota’s and a Honda here and there in our parking lot.  We chose Toyota because of its close ties to Fuji Heavy Industries (aka Subaru) and its influence over the brand ever since

In 2005 Toyota bought the 16% stake in Subaru that GM owned (this is how we got the Saabaru), they increased that stake to 20% in 2012 and really ever since Toyota’s influence on Subaru vehicles has been abundant.  Having observed changes in electrical circuits, combustion chamber designs, componentry and more. 

Next, it’s not uncommon for a Subaru owner to outgrow their Subaru as the family grows, needs change and often the next move is into a larger Toyota model. In many of those situations we have already been taking care of those Toyota’s for our customers.

Currently there are already platforms that Subaru and Toyota already share such as the BRZ/GR 86 and the Subaru Solterra and Toyota bZ4x share a lot of design and systems as well, we expect this to continue over time.   

We have been investing in equipment and training, hired in new staff that have more than just Subaru experience and we are happy to announce we are ready for your Toyota Service needs. While we will never get away from our core Subaru service and repair offerings we do feel its time to offer more. So if your other car or truck is a Toyota vehicle and you’re looking for a place to take it,  look no further than All Wheel Drive Auto in Kirkland Washington – And now also in our new Bothell Washington location. 

-Justin Stobb




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