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First Update On The Subaru Legacy Hydrogen Generator Project.

First update and first setback.

So we have had a few questions about how the project is coming so here is the first update.

Due to the Subaru Legacy having ABS (Anti-Lock Braking) there really isn’t a whole lot of room in the engine compartment. The book we bought specs out a generator that won’t really fit where I wanted to put it. So based on the available room we have I am currently looking for a suitable alternative location, or I will look for a used Legacy without ABS and enlarge the generator and thus problem solved.

Due to the precision involved in some of the design and build. I have had to send the stainless steel tubing to a machine shop as I want this to be perfect.

The gap in between the inner and outer electrodes seems to be pretty crucial to the function of the generator. Rather than hack it up myself as I am better at repairing than building this seems like a better way to go. I am also at there mercy as the machine shop I am using is very busy as they are well known for working with precision air craft parts.

We have had a lot of interest and I appreciate the support but this is probably going to take a little while to finish as it is just to hard to dedicate a large chunk of time as we do have a shop to run and families as well. We will do our best to have this done in a couple of months so keep checking back for updates


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  1. I have a ’96 Legacy Outback and I am interested in purchasing an entire HHO Kit. What would you recommend and where to purchase.
    Thanks very much,
    Rob Murdock
    Waynesville, NC

  2. Hi Guys,

    I have been running HHO on my 1999 2.5lt Subaru Heritage for about 18 months now. I have built four different designs now in an effort to get the best results.

    Currently I am constructing a new dry cell being to 2 x 16 plate dry cells in one that will fit behind the front bumper.

    Unit used for the past 12 months is a small cylinder based plate, similar to a smack gen1 unit on a little smaller so that is fits.

    I run a JayCar digital fuel Controller unit, it is a signal interceptor that can either add or subtract volts depending on the required. i use that as an EFIE on the O2 sensor.

    I have a voltage regulator on the VREF for the intake temp set to 4.75 volts. I also ran a digital Fuel Controller on the MAP sensor but the results did not out way the behaviour change of the car.

    Producing less than 0.75 litres per minutes of HHO I have achieved a best result of 7.8/100 ( litres/100 kilometers)

    With a yearly average over 50,000 kilometers or around 8.3/100 in dual city country. With out the HHO and just the electronics the car went from 9.2 to 8.5 average of the last 20,000k’s.

    Yes a do a lot of miles in the old girl, averaging 55 thousand k’s per year to and from work.

    I will let you know how the new CELL goes, I hope to have it in and running over the next 4 weeks and results posted to my we site in the future at this stage I don’t have any HHO projects up there.

    Thanks heaps,

    John Velo
    Factory Element

    1. Hello,

      I wanted to get an update on the performance of your latest Subaru Legacy’s HHO generator. Are you still running it? My uncle and I are researching the best kits for our 1998 Legacy. Do you have any advice or can you point us in the right direction for a “ready-to-install” kit?

      Your help is greatly appreciated!



    2. Hi John,

      I’ve come across your posts before, I had a 2000 Heritage wagon, then a manual Ltd Ed RX wagon and now a 2002 Heritage Wagon. Early observations, the auto’s use a LOT more gas, at least 20-25% more in urban settings! I had my manual with Efie, map adjuster and fuel vaporiser to a best of 6.9l/100kms over 110kms distance, light load, 1 person,105km/h avg Canberra to Cooma ie slightly uphill. I use a Greddy Touch Informeter as a fuel computer, calibrated over 3000kms usage so it is within 2% tank fill to tankfill. It’s the only OBD device that I can get working on the Aussie Liberty’s 1999 to 2003. I have just bought a HHO kit to try and improve the Heritage and am also looking for a manual to eventually replace it as that will get me an instant 20% in the suburbs. If yoy are in Sydney , I would like to get in touch.

      John Nielsen

  3. Hey guys…just an update. I got my HHO kit this week and am going to install it this weekend. I’ll let you know the results. I’ll be getting the remap later this month, but want to see what results I can get, if any, right away.

    Also, I was wondering if any of you have tried the O2 spacers and was wondering if the results from these are anywhere comparable to the sensor remap…if they work at all.


  4. If you guys haven’t googled smacks boosters you might try it. It’s my prototype for my ’01 Forester.

  5. Hey Matt,

    The O2 remap is pretty important.

    We are going to put the system on the passenger side inner fender just behind the bumper. And then have a tube stick out to add water.

    This will keep it close to the intake.

    I still haven’t decided on the canister yet but I am leaning towards a hollowed chrome steel hydraulic ram off of a large piece of equipment. Should be able to thread the end and build a cap for service and it should be bullet proof.


  6. hey,

    I am working on getting an HHO system in my 95 legacy. I think I am going to install without the 02 remap to begin with to see what kind of results I can achieve.

    Space is a problem I have run into on my car. There is ample room in front of the battery, but I don’t want it to be so far away from the air intake. Let me know if you end up starting on a car with abs.

    I found some small nalgene style bottles, 500 ml, that I am considering to make my generator out of. I would put two in a series if I go that route.


  7. Igor,

    I plan on the O2 remap.

    But here is the thing, as far as the energy used that is being missed. There are things that can be done to the vehicles electrical system to decrease amperage draw to copensate for the amperage draw from the HHO generator. If I have a 85 amp system and I install led bulbs that use less current, only run blower motor speeds 1 to 3, Install smaller wattage head lamp bulbs, etc. I wont be adding enough electrial draw to affect the fuel economy of the Subaru with the HHO generator running. I have already installed the Led bulbs, less wattage headlamp bulbs, and have measured the total amperage draw before and after and have decreased the draw by over 15 amps.

    This is what drew me towards a boost system. I know how to shave amperage to save electrical load.

    I have read all of the theory about the amount of energy used versus the energy produced. But by increasing economy with HHO with out increasing overall petro fuel consumption is obtainable in my opinion. But time will tell.

    Thanks for your Interest, and keep me posted on your Legacy project as well


  8. Hi I also plan to add HHO gen to my Subaru 2002. Unless you have Joe or Stenley Mayer Cell or something better you can’t produce more energy burning HHo then spend on it’s generation. But as I researched as you don’t gonna power your car exclusively on HHO you don’t need a lot of HHO so 5 amp about 50l/h HHO generator should be enough. So you don’t need to change generator. More over If you put too much HHO MPG will drop back. so there is a kind of optimum for certain engine size.
    Also you should tune O2 sensor to compensate for HHO addon. I have a few book from on DIY setups and explanation how to tune it. I can share them with you.

    Igor ( at ) chouck ( dot ) com

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