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Helping Subaru Owners in need

For the last couple of weeks, I have been trying to figure out where my small business fits in terms of being able to offer any real help. We have a healthy staff most who do not fall into any high risk category, but we did put a few staff members on standby to limit the number of people in place during the need for social distance and to be honest we just are not seeing our customers at the volume we were prior to the shelter in place order.

I’m not about to have my guys learn how to sew masks or attempt to make ventilators, but there has to be something we can do right? I’ve seen other businesses offer free this or that for front line workers, but what about someone who has lost their job?

We have met some great people through the years, people that have been good to us, and it’s those people that I want to help the most. So if you are a Subaru owner and you have found yourself unemployed, put on standby, furloughed etc. I want to change your oil for free. This one’s on us, and we can all look for brighter skies around the corner.

We are going to put a limit of 10 free oil changes a week on this and on a first come first serve basis.

For how long I guess depends on the length of the shelter in place order combined with the local economy reopening and people getting back to work.

All Wheel Drive Auto is a small business and doesn’t have unlimited resources, but we do have engine oil, oil filters and a staff that loves your Subaru.

I Hope this helps those that need the help right now and we hope to see everyone of our customers soon.

-Justin Stobb

You can schedule below or call us at the shop 425 828 3600

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  1. I’d like to pick your brain about the new models. I’m looking at a new Outback but I can’t decide between the 2.5 NA or the 2.4 XT. Do you think the turbo would have any longevity problems? I tend to try to keep them for 150k miles or more. I would prefer to have more power but not sure if the turbo is as reliable or more reliable than the 3.6 it was designed to replace.

    Thanks for your thoughts!

    1. Hello Matt,

      The 2.4l is here to stay. This is in the Ascent, the Outback XT, will be in the next Gen WRX.

      My Favorite engine is the 3.6l. I personally couldn’t own the NA 2.5, because not having any action when I press the go pedal drives me nuts. The 2.4l will probably in the long run need more Maintenance and Repairs than the NA, but it’s still my suggestion to buy what you like and suits you the best. If you are going to want more power than the 2.5l, you will never be happy with the car.

      Hope that helps


      1. Thanks! I’ll look at the 2.4 turbo trims. Do you suggest more frequent service (5000 miles vs 6000 etc)? I remember the older XT turbos used to be either a 3000 or 3750 interval.

        Any tips to keep the CVT in good shape as well, like a drain and fill every 60k?

        1. If you buy any turbo model you need to change the oil every 3000 miles/3 months and use Synthetic oil. So cost of ownership is going to be a little higher.



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