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Subaru SuperPro Bushing Install

Subaru Service; A Better Bushing for Your Subaru

Up until 2004 Subaru used a pretty archaic suspension system, remaining relatively unchanged since 1989 in the Subaru Legacy.  In the front there is a strut, spring, and lower control arm fitted with a front position bushing, a lower ball joint, and a hydraulically activated rear bushing, which is prone to leaks after mileage and […]

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Subaru Service On Saturday!

Subaru Service Seattle, Saturday Subaru Service

Big Changes are coming to All Wheel Drive Auto! Starting February 10th we will be open on Saturdays for Subaru Service & Repair Appointments, as well as retail parts sales. In addition to that, we will be opening earlier and staying open later to make getting to us to service your Subaru more convenient. Starting […]

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Rally Armor Flaps on 2012 Outback

2012 Subaru Outback With Rally Armor Mud Flaps Installed

  I recently finished installing a set  of Rally Armor Mud flaps on a 2012 Outback and wanted to post some pictures. They Look great really add to the vehicle and do a great job of protecting the sides of the vehicle from the elements.   The rear flaps do hang a bit low which I thought might be a concern in […]

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Subaru Timing Belt Repair Gone Wrong

Not every customer automatically knows who should service their Subaru, many don’t do any research at all prior to making appointment somewhere. I often stress that you should have a good relationship with your service provider, so that when its time to have something done you know where your going.  This can eliminate situations where you […]

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