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Subaru Headlights Replaced For Free On Some 2010-2012 Subaru Legacy and Outbacks!

If you own a 2010-2012 Subaru Outback or Legacy Subaru is offering to replace the Headlights free of charge for 10 years from the date of purchase. Subaru will also reimburse the cost of prior replaced bulbs for affected vehicles as well. If you have an affected Subaru Vehicle you should have by now received […]

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Subaru Service Seattle; Have Your Subaru Inspected Before The Warranty Expires!

  Having your car inspected prior to the warranty expiring is a very important and often overlooked step on the way to obtaining real value for your Subaru purchasing dollar. Let’s face it new Subaru’s are pretty expensive these days and are often financed for 7 years or longer. The last thing you want to […]

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Dont Drip & Drive Subaru!

Subaru Service Seattle: Fix That Leak Campaign!

    The Washington State Department of ecology has decided to get serious about educating drivers about how their car could be affecting the environment.   The DOE (Department of Ecology) has turned to ASA and its members to help get the word out as well as offer an incentive to repair vehicles that are potentially leaking fluid. […]

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Subaru FAQ # 8 Q. Can I put Snow Tire Chains on My Subaru?

Q. Can I put Snow Tire Chains on My Subaru? A. You need to consult your owners manual for specific information about the model and year Subaru you currently own. Many modern vehicles, Subaru’s included just don’t have enough clearance to accommodate tire chains. There are companies that provide tire chains in the aftermarket such […]

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H7 Long Life VS Standard H7 Bulb For Subaru

Subaru FAQ # 7 The head light bulbs don’t seem to last very long on My Subaru, Why is this?

Q. The head light bulbs don’t seem to last very long on My Subaru, Why is this? A.  In many case bulbs that  are purchased from aftermarket parts houses are cheaper in many ways.  For example the 2005 to 2009 Legacy and Outback use an H7 bulb, but unless you buy an H7LL (long life) […]

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Subaru Tire Pressure Light

Subaru FAQ # 5, My Tire pressure light came on, but when I check the tire pressure they are all ok, what’s going on?

  A. There is some sort of a malfunction the the tire pressure monitoring system that needs to be evaluated, the most common thing we see currently is the batteries in the Sensors failing right around the 5 year mark. The light is just an irritant and as long as the tire pressure is ok, […]

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Subaru FAQ # 3 My Check Engine Light Came On And Or My Cruise Control Light Is Flashing, Can I Drive My Subaru?

  Q. My check engine light came on and or my Cruise control light is flashing, is My Subaru ok to drive? A. The check engine light can come on for one of many reasons, as such there is really no way to know if its for a loose gas cap or something much more […]

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