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Subaru FAQ # 10, I just bought my Subaru, What can I do to get a little more power?

  Q. I just bought my Subaru , What can I do to get a little more power? A. Depending on which model you have purchased the answer is going to be quite different.  If you purchased a turbo model Subaru the possibilities are almost limitless more than I could ever write about most likely .  If […]

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Whats Included With Your Subaru Oil Change

    An Oil Change on your Subaru at All Wheel Drive Auto includes. New oil filter New drain plug gasket 5w30 Synthetic blend oil or full synthetic as required or requested We will check and top off the following. Washer Fluid Coolant (including the new Subaru Super Coolant) Transmission and Differential Fluids Brake Fluid […]

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